Case Study Details


A regional furniture company was looking for a marketing campaign that could validate a true cost to acquire for each client. They wanted to know the specifics clients the campaign drove to the store, what they purchased, and the marketing cost of sale for each client.


Proven Performance Media worked with the client to analyze their sales data and put together a marketing campaign based on where the data empirically showed the opportunity to be. PPM then tracked the marketing performance against their sales system to analyze and report which specific clients were driven to the store by PPM's efforts.


This campaign drove 100 clients to their locations per month, and resulting in an additional $215,000 in new revenue per month to the client. Proven Performance Media was able to pull reporting through the client's sales systems that showed them the specific customers that were a result of the campaign and the products they were buying. The campaign was so successful, PPM was retained to launch a marketing in campaign in another top 10 DMA.