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March 31, 2020
Lead Nation – The news, insights and interesting
Lead Conversion During CV-19
By Richard Jones, President
Proven Performance Media
In crisis there are great opportunities for learning and discovery. One observation I find most intriguing is our collective ability to adapt and do so quickly.
Here are a few:
Leveraging Technology: In the
past few weeks, we saw clients use technology to engage end customers, tools like video conferencing, signing documents online, and engaging clients without being physically in the same room!
Highly Engaged Audiences: Communities
are highly engaged in their local media outlets. Our newspaper partners are seeing increases in subscriptions, site visits, and newsletter opens. To those who are considering advertising – get your message right and get in front of these readers today! 
Higher Conversion: Our newspaper
campaigns are still driving leads, and while the numbers have changed, many of our advertising clients who have stayed the course are seeing higher sales conversions, some nearly hitting their sales targets set prior to CV-19! The market size may be smaller,
so make sure you’re getting a larger market share.
Create Awareness: Whether you’re
sharing your new hours, safety precautions, special financing, or how your giving back to the community, make sure your customers and prospective clients know you’re open for business. Get your message right and noticed!
Making a Difference: Across
the nation, our media partners are stepping up in a big way to help. One that’s close to home for PPM (Dallas) is our partner The Dallas Morning News whose community commitment helped them to develop an awareness campaign for all area restaurants telling readers
who is open for takeout and delivery. These listings are free, and they are promoting so all open restaurants can be included – no fee or hidden agenda. Well Done!!
‘We Deliver’ — Advertisers Change Messages On OOH
There’s a new adjective in advertising: “contactless.”
Advertisers — big brands and local small businesses — are changing copy in the context of COVID-19. Sarpino’s pizza delivery is curbside, contactless, and free, says its billboard ad. The use of “contactless”
(as a positive), reflects broader points/trends in media.
Advertisers are changing copy in response to the pandemic; out-of-home matches or beats the speed of other media.
In Times Square, Coca-Cola said in its iconic high-contrast red and white: “Staying apart is the best way to stay united.”

Pandemic Verdict: Keep Marketing Your Brand
The Marketing Insider
Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic is bad. Yes, this affects everybody and every brand. Yes, social distancing, cancelled events,
and closed Apple and Starbucks stores are a source of discomfort, isolation, and inconvenience. And, yes, there’s likely a recession on the horizon. But no, this is not the time to stop supporting your brand. 
Walmart Adds Contact-Free Payment, Pickup
Media Post News
Walmart is tapping the Walmart Pay app to add completely contact free checkout at any register.
Shoppers previously had to touch a screen to self-checkout.
That method is being replace by using their phone to scan a QR code, which will sync Walmart Pay, allowing checkout via the app.
Pickup customers also can use a similar method, by driving up and opening their trunk without a required signature.
A book worth re-visiting
Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance
by Angela Duckworth
With today’s challenges, it may be worth re-reading (or reading for the first time) one of the best reads of the past 5 years. Grit talks to how seemingly ordinary people seem to rise above their peers to achieve highest levels of success in difficult
or tough times.
Some great insights, tools, and get’s one thinking on how to find the will and ability to continue to move forward in uncertain times.
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Dallas, TX 75204