About Us

Proven Performance Media is a leader in media analytics and performance based campaign optimization for both media partners as well as companies looking to improve their media's performance.

How we work with Media Companies

Proven Performance Media partners with premier media companies to help them expand their audience and optimize their media performance for their clients. We do this through in-depth evaluations of the market, strategic goals, and media performance. We then partner together to implement performance based media strategies to PROVE THE PERFORMANCE that media advertising works. This generates incremental revenue for our media partners and an expanded presence in the market.

How we work with Advertisers

Advertisers today are consistently left with a gap in the transparency of how their media advertising is working, leading to an unknown ROI. Proven Performance Media cuts through the unknown with transparent and proven results that show you the true lead generation and sales performance of on and off line marketing channels. We partner with clients looking for transparency in their marketing campaigns across the country. Proven Performance Media brings you new markets with proven results.